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Music has become an important part of the life of many of us. Without it, we can’t think of living our lives as normal as now. We have different types of music for various tasks. If music is so important to us, we need a platform that delivers us music perfectly and excites us every time we use it. We have found a perfect app called avee music player app that will provide everything you require from a music player.

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experience the awesome visualisers.

Avee music player is a new type of music player. If you have gotten bored with your conventional music player and it doesn’t excite you much, you need to have a new player. Avee music player will be a perfect alternative for you. The app has attracted millions of downloads from the google play store because of its unique style and awesome customizable interface, and it is one of the best music players you can find. People love it because of its awesome music wave video, which gives a professional and colorful music experience. Music waves help you feel the beats and tones of the songs just like you would have seen in YouTube videos of EDM music.

The music store of the avee music player is large. You will get to listen to many popular music artists of different genres. Apart from being a music player, it allows you to make some changes to your music files. Change some audio inputs and outputs options of your songs. Change music files by cutting and joining two or more songs. Also, Change the audio frequency and add filters in playbacks. Addtionally, Change the type of beats and bass you need for a kind of music genre. It has many such features to help you manage your music listening experience.

The music images that the app will show the users can customize. You can set pictures from your local files to the music player and songs. Play songs from your local file with a new, improved environment.

Features of Avee Music Player

you can customise and import visualizers in the app.

Music store

The music store of the avee music player has millions of songs in it. All the new and popular music from almost every popular artist is available in its library. It has all the music world minimized on your phone. The songs are sorted according to artists and genres. You can search for a specific theme, artist, or genre. Try a new way of listening to music and share it with your friends.

Share with others

After making a unique music video showing beats and tones of the music, you can share it with others by using your social media account. You can import or export visualizers samples as files in the app. There is a specific community of music lovers who use avee music player. Try their customizable visualizers and show them yours.


Using avee music player is very simple and easy. The interface is so simple that anyone can use it. All the features and options are labeled at the bottom. You can toggle them to search songs on your device very easily. With all the benefits, it also has lots of unwanted ads that keep on popping in between your scrolling, and there is a high chance that you can tap them by mistake and visit the ad page in your browser, which is very irritating.


Like in YouTube videos where you get visuals of the beats in EDM music, you can do the same in this app. Try the already available templates in the app for visualizers, import the files from your local files, or download one front the internet.

Pros and cons

search and find songs instantly.


  • It gives a unique experience while listening to music and differs from the conventional way of learning.
  • The visualizers give a unique feel to the beats of the songs.
  • Apart from listening to music, you can edit the songs and music files by using many functions in the app.


  • The app is very outdated compared to current popular music players like Spotify, wynk music, and others.
  • It doesn’t provide any way of downloading or streaming songs online.
  • Works offline, but ads keep on hindering your music experience.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app:
  • Watch the video to learn how to add music and template to the avee music player:

  • Watch the following tutorial video to learn how to use the avee music player:


What are the similar and alternative apps for avee music player?

There are many similar music players that you can find in the google play store. Some of them are spectrolizer, audio glow music, audio visualizer music, music player 3D, etc.

What is avee music player?

If you are having problems in the simple version of the app because of ads and anything else, you can get the app’s version, which can be available in the cracked apk file. You can get it by following the steps given above in the article.

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