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Technology has changed many things in our day-to-day life. One experience it changed is how we read books now. Now, you don’t need to keep a book in your hand to read it. You can download an audiobook of that particular book on your smartphone and listen to the book whenever and wherever. Regarding the same experience, we bring you a new app to help you get the most exciting and popular audiobooks on your smartphone. Get the audible apk application and get thousands of audiobooks and podcasts everywhere.

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download and listen without internet.

Audible apk is a perfect app for book lovers who don’t get time to read the book as they are too busy in their life. Now, you don’t have to take a book everywhere you go. Just listen to an audiobook in many different ways and styles. It is more exciting to listen to a book than read it. The audible has access to thousands of audiobooks you can play to listen to.

Apart from audiobooks, there are unique podcasts, small audio content, and original audio content made especially for audible subscribers. You can now access the app’s content for free as the first 30 days of subscription are accessible to every first user.

An audiobook is a great way of listening and learning new content and information. It is a very convenient way of entertainment as many times when we travel in crowded buses or trains, we can’t use a book or watch a movie or series. In that type of situation, an audiobook is the best way to pass your time. It is like listening to music but also gaining new information and knowledge. Suppose you don’t want to listen to audiobooks. In that case, you can listen to exciting podcasts from some celebrities and people who provide you with excellent entertaining content.



listen free the audible original.

The interface of the app is perfect for listening. It is similar to your favourite music player. You can seek forward and backward and increase the narration speed to your requirement. There is also the feature of a sleep timer that you can set if you listen to audiobooks before going to sleep. It is a perfect way of sleeping and also relaxes your mind. It is beneficial to listen to audiobooks and watch any content before bed.

Listen anywhere, anytime.

One of the most helpful features of audiobooks is their convenience. You can listen to it anywhere, anytime. Just plug in your headphones and start your journey. You can also choose the different accents of narration among the options available. The app contains thousands of audiobooks. You can choose what you like the most and save them in your library.

Download and listen

get 30 day trial for free.

Audible apk is internet required application. You will require an internet connection to stream the audiobooks and podcasts online. Suppose you want to save yourself from unreliable internet. In that case, you can also download audiobooks and podcasts and save them in your downloads. This way, you can listen to all these without needing an internet connection.

Pros and cons


  • Audiobooks are an excellent way to listen to any book while travelling or working.
  • It is a convenient way to complete many books you want to read.
  • You can also download audiobooks and podcasts and listen to them without an internet connection.
  • Apart from audiobooks, audible allows you to listen to some podcasts.


  • It isn’t easy to buy some audiobooks. They need to improve their purchasing interface.
  • The interface needs some improvements.
  • The app needs more playing options.

Other information

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Visit the following Google Play store link to read the reviews and learn more about the app.


What are other popular audiobook-playing applications?

Some popular audiobook-playing applications are, Libby, Librivox, pocket FM, and others.

How to get the app?

Download the app from the google play store, or you can get the audible apk from this site by following the steps above in the article.

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