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Are you prepared to survive in a dystopian world where you must fight a deadly virus that has wiped out the majority of the world’s population? Now play a new action-packed game that will give you some anime vibes while playing the game. You will follow the leader of your company to lead you towards survival. Play The Arknights apk, a strategy-based action game that lets you use your skills to survive the game.

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Get new combat skills from the characters.

The Arknight game is developed by Yostar, a mobile game developer. They have many anime-style games in their collection, and every one of them is the best in their class. Arknight is a fantasy dystopian land in which there are long-living species, deadly viruses, and struggling humans. They were happy, peaceful people until a deadly virus broke out among the humans, killing millions. Those who are attacked by the deadly virus find their hearts and morals have been affected. Now, they are trying to infect other people, resulting in the mass death of innocent civilians.

In the game, you will take the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that is trying to make a drug that can cure the deadly virus. Apart from the virus, they are also fighting the unrest and chaos in the city. They have the responsibility of saving as many people as they can. You will follow your leader, Amiya, and recruit more and more operators for your company and task force.

The game has awesome gameplay and a story line that gives relevance to the actions taken by you. The graphics and animation of the game are also world-class. It gives a premium feel while playing the game. In the game, you will get the chance to deploy a strategic workforce in different areas of the city. If you are an anime lover, then this game is perfect for you. Download it and play it with your friends.

Features Of Arknights Apk


Earn rewards and use them to get new features unlock.

The gameplay of the Arknights Apk is awesome. There is a back story to the current situation that gives relevance to the steps taken forward in the game. You are an operator in the Rhode Island company, and your job is to save and cure people who have been infected with the deadly virus. You will also have a map that will help you make strategies and deploy troops in different places in the city.


There are many characters and people in the game that play a key role in the success of your mission. There are some key members here: AMIYA, NEARL, DOBERMANN, KAL’ TSIT, and Projekt Red. These different characters each have their own unique abilities. You have to keep in mind their strengths and weaknesses while making your strategies. You can assign these characters to 8 different roles in the game, including Vanguard, Guard, Defender, Specialist, Medic, Caster, Sniper, and Supporter.


New side stories are also available.

The graphics of the game are perfect. It gives an anime vibe while playing. If you are an anime lover, then you must try this game for sure. The visuals, sounds, and colors provide a perfect combination of a gaming experience.

Pros and cons.


  • The game gives an anime-like vibe. The graphics are awesome and give a premium feel.
  • There are different types of characters in the game. You can use these characters in different ways.
  • Make a strategy using the map of the city. This will help you keep an eye on your troops all over the place.
  • The game has a perfect backstory and a nice story forward.


  • The game is a little bit complicated. You will not understand the function and other aspects of the game on the first try.
  • The game requires a good internet connection to play smoothly.
  • Some missions in between just get a spike in their difficulty levels.

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