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Want to use more than one social media account or enjoy the best cloning app? If yes, we have the best cloning app for you, called “App Cloner Apk.” Read this article to know the features of this app—download App Cloner by pressing the download button on this page.

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App Cloner apk is the best available android app by which you can make clones of different applications. This app is a fantastic app cloning tool that can help you balance your personal and professional life. You can create and use two accounts for every app on the same mobile device. You can quickly develop clones of different apps to use two accounts with the same device according to your needs.

And now that you have created the clone of the app, for example, Facebook, you can use two different Facebook Ids. This tool gives you the facility to create a duplicate of any app to increase the working efficiency of that app. There are many app cloning applications on the internet that you can download and use. But this app is a little bit unique from others.

It is very lite sized and has low battery consumption so that every mobile device can run it smoothly. The cloning process becomes straightforward with this app, and one tap is needed to create the app clones. It is very convenient for everyone to handle personal communications and professional communications with two different accounts.

Download the app cloner apk, which is not in the play store in arm. You will get the best cloner apk from our site. You get the free download option for version multiple app cloner without ads.


Main features

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One tap cloning

With this easy-to-use app cloning tool, you can create the clones with only one tap. This app makes two different mobile apps with the same functionality. You will get the same features as on the original mobile app. Not every cloning app is as easy as this app is.

You will get the full functional clones of every app you want. This cloning app is mainly used for the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and many more.

Use two accounts

With the help of App Cloner Apk, you can use two different accounts of the same platform. This app is mainly used to create clones of social media apps to use two other accounts.

This way, you can operate the two different ids. And you can use different ids to manage the professional users and friends or family members separately.

Switch accounts

As you will be using multiple accounts, you must switch between them. And this app will help you to switch between them easily. This app provides the option to switch accounts for different cloned apps. With one tap, you can change to different accounts immediately.


This app provides the features, but this app also helps you to make your accounts more secure. You can make your cloned app password protected with this app so that no other person can access it.

With this security feature, you can easily use cloned apps for personal work. You can keep the most private conversations to yourself only.


Unique features

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Crates Parallel space: this app creates the parallel space smoothly so that the original and cloned cannot get mixed up.

Separate data: this app creates separate data for the original and cloned app.

High performance: as this app creates the clones for multiple apps, it also helps maintain or boost the performance levels, according to the device capability.

Free services: to download and use this app on your device, you need not pay any fees, and this app is completely free.


Why App Cloner apk?

mod the apps yourself in app cloner.

You can choose this cloning app because of multiple reasons as it is free to download and use. It works with one tap and creates the cloned apps instantly. This app records the data of original and cloned apps separately in different spaces. You can switch between multiple accounts with one tap. This app has security features to keep your apps more secure. No other person can access your chats or any other data.

As you can use the multiple ids of the same app, you can easily balance your professional and personal life. This also maintains the device’s performance when it creates parallel spaces between your apps. There are no specific apps that this app can clone, and you can clone any application that uses online accounts.


  • Use two different accounts for the same platform app
  • Use different IDs for the same app on the same mobile device.
  • Handle the professional and personal work separately
  • Keep your data and chats more secure with password-protected clones apps
  • Get every feature of the device for both original and cloned app


  • This app does not work on old devices
  • Sometimes apps crashes
  • All data loses if you delete app cloner
  • Sometimes takes very long to create the app clone

Unique features

  • Ads-free
  •  features
  • You can make time zone custom.
  • Prevent screenshots from clicking.
  • Assign different icons, and names to the cloned app


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app cloner - faqs

What do people like about App Cloner Premium Apk?

It is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
You can give custom icons and different names to the cloned app.
Switch between the accounts with one tap.
Create the separate data of cloned apps.
Get the updates for the cloned apps separately.

What do people hate about app cloner premium apk?

Sometimes take longer than usual to create clones.
Not for the old devices.
Need higher android version.
And usually makes the low-end devices slower.

What is the best app cloner?

App Cloner.
Multi parallel.
Do multiple accounts.
Parallel U.
Dual space.

Alternatives for the app cloner?

Clone space.
Dual space.
2 accounts.
Multiple accounts.

What is an app cloner?

App cloner is an app to create clones of specific apps for which you want to use multiple accounts

Which is better, App cloner VS parallel space?

Read this article to know in detail.

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