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make backups of apk files from installed apps.

Get tired of finding and downloading the apps again and again? If yes, then we have the best solution for you. The “ Apk extractor “app can help you by extracting apks from essential apps. Please read this article to know its detailed features.


About Apk Extractor

about apk extractor app

Apk extractor is the most unique but valuable app to backup your essential applications. You can extract the apk files from the different types of apps that you have to download and install more than once. This app can extract apk files from all the apps on your phone.

The apk files are extracted and get saved in either internal or external storage as you want. This process is also a type of backup creating task that helps you install the apps without downloading them.

This apk extractor apk helps you install the apps without downloading them again & again. With this app, you save your time and hard work. This app can perform best for apps not available on the play store as you have to visit different types of apk sites to download the apps that are not present on the play store. The process to extract the files with this app is very easy. And you will be working very quickly with this app to extract the apk files in just one click.

You can also extract the apk files of system apps, and no root access is required to install this app.


Main features

Easy extraction

easy to use for extraction of apk files.

This app is straightforward to use, and you can extract all the apk files in just one click. The easy-to-use features of this app make it so popular. The apk extractions process takes just one or two minutes according to the number of apps you have or according to the specs of your device.

Creates backup

create backup with apk file extraction.

With the apk file extraction process, you are also creating the backup of your apk files. Suppose you want to change your phone and install all these apps on your new device. Then you don’t have to download all the apks one more time. This app will do the trick and create the perfect backup files. You can save the files in internal or external storage as you want.

System apps

extract system apps with apk extractor mod apk

You can extract the apk files of the system apps also. With this app, you will also get the privilege to create a backup for the system apps. Not every app has the feature to create the backup of a system app or extract the apk file of system apps.

No root

this mod does not require root access.

Most of the apps with these features require root access to work. But this app does not require root access to extract the backup files. This app supports all android devices, and no network connection is required to work with this app. This app works offline and has low battery consumption.


Unique features

  1. Works offline
  2. Low battery and data consumption
  3. No root required
  4. Low size app
  5. Compatible with every android device


Why apk extractor apk?

know why should you use this app.

Because this app is very simple and easy to use to create the backup or extract the apk files. This app saves time that we waste repeatedly downloading the apps. It also extracts the apk files of system apps, and you cannot create the backup apk files of system apps with any normal app.

No root access is required for this app to work. Creates a separate folder in internal storage to save the extracted apks files. And this app also provides the search option to find the preferred app in all the apk files.


  • Extract apk files from the app which works as application backup
  • Saves time which we waste in downloading the apps
  • Easy process to extract the apk files in one click
  • Extract your favorite apps which you cannot download again.


  • Some apks are not installable on some android devices
  • Sometimes the app crashes

Unique features

  • No ads
  • Advanced features
  • VIP access is provided


Other resources

  1. Play Store link of this app
  2. Amazon app store link
  3. Github link
  4. XDA link
  5. Youtube tutorial:


frequently asked questions about apk extractor mod apk

What do people like about Apk Extractor apk?

  1. Time-saving process
  2. No root is required to use this app
  3. Extract the system field also
  4. Creates the backup for every app on the phone

What do people hate about Apk Extractor apk?

  1. App crashes sometimes
  2. If an update comes for any app then we have to manually extract the apk time to time.
  3. Some apps are not able to be installed on some devices.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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