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Are you are an exciting arcade gamer and want to experience new adventures and actions? If yes, then my friend Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk is definitely for you. Read more about this game in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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Make your own team and hunt zombies to have fun.

Anger of Stick 5 mod apk is one of the most popular arcade games. In this game, a strange group of enemies has entered the City and they are using the innocent citizens as an experimental tool. Due to this many citizens are turned into zombies and they are infecting others too in the city. You have been chosen to save the city from these evil scientists and be the hero. This game is gonna be full of adventures as you will head to head with the dangerous zombies and enemies and you will have to survive till the last to win.

You can freely explore the 2D world and discover new places at every level. You can daily win some exciting rewards and gifts by completing the missions. The new upcoming challenges and obstacles will never let you get bored. This game doesn’t take much storage on your device so it is compatible with most devices. You can enjoy all the marvelous effects on an old phone too. Already more than 100 million gamers from all over the world have played this game. You can download Angry of stick 5 mod apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

Use helicopters to survive the zombie waves in Anger of Stick 5 mod apk.

Challenging levels

In anger of stick 5 mod apk, you will find several challenging levels which will test your reflexes and skills. At each level, you will discover new obstacles and places to explore. When you reach the end of every level, you will have to fight the big villains who are stronger than others. As the game continues, the levels will get tougher. Due to its fun gameplay, you will be addicted to this game. You will have to always prepare for the sudden attack from hidden places which is very difficult to predict.

Have your reliable fellows to assist you

You can hire some reliable fellows to help you complete your dangerous missions. There are a total of 6 different soldiers that you can hire, each of them has unique skills and style. You can only 3 fellows in every level to help you and fight side by side with you. Form a balanced team with these fellows that fight for you with their unique powers. You don’t have to control the fighters, this game has a smart AI which can automatically fight with enemies.

Unlimited coins

In anger of stick mod apk, you can get unlimited coins with which you can unlock all the avatars and weapons for absolutely free. You will don’t have to collect coins to unlock any item. Without waiting, you can unlock any gadget and weapon in this game. With the hacks in this mod version, you can get some special powers and skills like long jump, unlimited bullets, power-ups, and many more. You can unlock the new upgrades of the avatar and increase the strength.

Impressive graphics and sound effects

To make your gaming experience more amazing, Angry of stick 5 mod apk has high-quality animated graphics for you. You can explore the streets in this colorful 2D world and discover new places at every level. All the elements in this game are of the finest quality and are designed by the top professionals with extreme care of every single detail. The realistic effects on characters’ movement and objects make this game more astonishing. It even has an intense original soundtrack which you can enjoy while fighting.

Why install anger of stick 5 mod apk?

You can use highly explosive weapons in this game.

With a large growing community, anger of stick 5 mod apk is among the top arcade games. In this game, you can enter into intense fights against the evil group that is using innocent citizens as an experimental tool. And they are turning the citizens into zombies who are affecting others too. So you will have to save the city from the zombies and enemies with your fighting skills. There are many challenging levels in this game, each with unique obstacles and enemies to face.

You can even hire reliable fellows to assist in your battle and fight side by side with you. There are 6 different fighters that you can hire, each of them has unique powers and skills. But at every level, you can fight with only 3 fellows at a time. In this game, you can fly a helicopter and use powerful robots and machine guns strategically.

Unique features

  • It has simple and easy-to-remember controls.
  • You can enjoy the ad-free experience.
  • Upgrade your weapons to increase their power


  • You cannot store your progress in the game on your cloud storage.
  • It has some minor bugs.


  • It supports both low and high-end devices.
  • New content is added frequently.
  • It is simple and fun gameplay to play.


Advnaced robots that shoots 50cal bullets in Anger of Stick 5 mod apk.

What are games like Angry of stick 5?

Games like Angry of stick 5 are Terminator Revenge, Contra 3, Demon Front, Contra, and jet gunner.

How to play the anger of stick 5 games?

It is very easy to play the anger of stick 5 due to its user-friendly interface. With the on-screen control buttons, you can control the moment of your avatar. In starting with the help of the guide in the game, you can know how buttons work.

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