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Ready for a sci-fi murder mystery game and “social deduction”? What is in the game that makes it so fun and popular? What techniques can you use to win in Among us Apk as an imposter or a crewmate? Looking for a comprehensive wiki of the latest among us games?

here we are going to share with you the most important things in detail so that you can master them in no time. This is the most comprehensive and detailed guide> for Among us Apk you can find on the internet :). Enjoy the read!


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How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

Install Apk Guide |[Complete + Detailed] – PopularApk


Introduction Among US Apk

Among us is a sci-fi murderer mystery game which is very popular. The gameplay takes place on the ship in outer space with 5-10 players where there are two teams, up to three players can be imposters and others are crewmates. The goal of the imposter team is to sabotage the working of the ship and kill other crew members while the goal of the crew members is to protect the ship and themselves.

This latest among us apk features an abstract concept where you got to win over the primal fear of being killed and being a detective while being a potential victim as a crewmate. The game has very simple elements and the gameplay is not complex but the concept on which it is built is more interesting than anything. The opportunity to defend yourself, discuss between all the players, vote, bluff, do common tasks is what makes the game very addictive.


The mobile version of the game runs on the unity game engine and is developed by Inner Sloth. Among us, Apk is also available on different platforms like PC, iOS, and Android



Among us apk gameplay

images 1

The gameplay is not at all complicated and the interface of the game is very simple. The game starts with the screen where you can play various modes. You can either play the game on LAN with your friends or play online with other players worldwide on different servers.

The landing screen on the games shows these two options as Local and Online. You can also see the simple instructions in the game by tapping on how to play. Thereafter, You can also tap on Freeplay to explore the maps and get a feel of the game or develop strategies.


Among Us, gameplay instructions explained [in easy language] [detailed how-to guide]

First, when you are online and want to play with other players, you have to click on the “ONLINE” button where you will see various options. There you can either create a lobby to play with your friends or join a public lobby. You can also play in a private lobby by entering the code if you have one. On the top of the screen, you can change your character name.


Playing in public lobby

download 1

Once you have decided to play let’s say in a public lobby you can see various options on the next screen for choosing the map, several imposters, and the lobby which is hosted for the public. By default the map THE SKELD is chosen and you can change it to others. You can select the imposters to be randomly selected numbers or you can specify whether the imposters you want should be 1,2 or 3. You can also select the chat language option from the drawdown menu and select your language preferences. This is important as you will be discussing the imposter and also defending yourself via chats so choose a language in which you are most comfortable.

download 2

After you select your preference you can see various lobbies with names, several imposters, and several players in the lobby. Select any lobby to enter. You can also tap on the refresh button on the right side of the lobby frame to refresh and show you fresh lobbies.

Hosting your own Lobby

If you want to create your own lobby, just tap the Create game under the header of HOST and select your preferences in Among us Apk. You can choose the map, the number of imposters, chat language, and the number of maximum players. After you press confirm, your own lobby will be created. You can either share the code with others or you can make the lobby public by tapping on the “PRIVATE” red button to make it public. The public lobby will show the green button and there the people will automatically come to play with you.

images 3

Playing with friends in a private lobby

You can play with friends or a closed group without any interruption in the among us game. You can enter the 6 digit code under the private header to enter the private lobby directly.

download 3

Your Objective/Goal in the game

There are two types of teams in the game in a match. There is the IMPOSTER and then there is the CREWMATE and each has different secondary objectives in the game, the primary objective being to WIN of course! 🙂


They are selected randomly in the game when the match starts. The goal of the imposter is to kill the cremates and sabotage the parts so that they can remain undetected till no one is left. They can see the tasks that can be done by the crewmates but can’t actually do them.

download 1

download 4


They are also selected randomly. The host of the lobby can define how many personal tasks and how many shared tasks the crewmates have to complete. If all the crewmates complete all the tasks then crewmates automatically win. They also have to move around the area to fix the sabotage which the imposter has done. Some of the tasks are time-sensitive and they have to complete them in due time or the imposters will win. Some of the tasks are required to be completed in unison.

download 2


Every task in the game is a kind of very short mini-game inside Among us Apk which is very easy to complete. The tasks which can be done at various points in the map are highlighted with the yellow color. The task completion bar is shown on the top left of the screen. Other tasks which can be done and their status is shown below that bar.


You can move the character easily around the map using the joystick controls on the left. If you are a crewmate you can engage in tasks using the use button and report a dead body if you find one, Using the report button on the right. If you are an imposter you can hide in vents and come from another vent from the other side out to avoid detection. You can move using the same controls and use the kill button to kill the cremate.

controls among us


The characters in the game can be voted out and the one who gets the maximum number of votes gets ejected from the spaceship. The discussion/voting happens when a dead body is reported or when someone pressed the emergency meeting button.

Using the discussion time you can discuss the suspects and confirm the innocence of a player. After the discussion time is over you have to vote a player out or you can also skip your vote. The chat can be done by tapping on the chat button which is present on the top right of the screen.

download 5

download 6

download 7

download 8


Among US full gameplay (Among US gameplay full description)

The game starts with the number of crewmates and the imposters are selected randomly with a fixed number of imposters as you enter the lobby. The game takes place on 3 maps – The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus. The Skeld is the spaceship, Mira HQ is the headquartered building and polus is a planet base.

The tasks in the game are the mini-games which the cremates have to complete to win Among us Apk before the imposter in the game kills all. The imposters are also given the task but they are fake so that they can pose as cremates and disguise themselves as friendly. But there are very subtle ways to detect the imposter which the cremates have to do. They have to work in coordination and defend themselves against the imposter.

The imposter aboard the map can also kill a cremate and sabotage the places for the cremates. The imposter can also get into the vents and travel secretly between places to hide. After the imposter kills the crewmate they become a ghost and they can roam and see everything in full view but they can’t interact with other crewmates.

They can do their part of the tasks and try to win and chat with other ghosts but their chats can’t be seen by other cremates. The ghost can pass through walls and the cone of vision that they have. Other players and the imposter have a limited vision which can change in settings in the lobby. The game is played in the top-down perspective and the imposter can also lock the doors.

Among us, description continued…

There are two ways with which the cremates can win. Either they all can complete their task or they can find the imposter and jet him out of the spaceship. The imposter can win by killing all the cremates and not be found by the crewmates.

The sabotage can be corrected only by the players who are alive and they generally have to resolve the problem before the countdown or else the imposters win.

If any cremate quits Among us, his tasks are deemed to be completed. The cremates wander around the map doing the task trying to win and if they find the dead body they can report it. This gives a break from the map and the discussion happens where the players discuss who was killed, where he was killed, and try to figure out who killed him. They also try to pin it on the suspect and it’s then the suspect’s responsibility to clear his name or the other players can vote him out and he will be ejected from the place.

The cremates can also track the imposter and find out his identity through various places like the cameras, admin panel, and analyzing the evidence. The players can also call an emergency meeting where the game also comes to a pause and the discussion round opens where the players can discuss and vote or choose to skip the vote.

The players can communicate only via chat when the discussion and voting happens and the ghost can chat anytime with each other but not with the crewmates.

Now let’s talk about a bit more of the gameplay nuances which you may not know 😉

  • You start at the general meeting table where you can see a red button. If you are skeptical about someone you can press the button and then discuss using the chat button.
  • For other settings and their impact on the gameplay please see the game settings in Among Us.
  • Remember in this game it’s good to have paranoia until it’s not overpowering you. You as a crewmate and the imposter should process all the information and the visual cues in the game and be better to try to convince others. This information helps you play strategically and overcome the fear of getting killed or getting caught unnecessarily and you will enjoy it more as there still are surprises you can’t control.
  • Also, see the settings and analyze and set your mindset according to the settings and what impact it may have on the gameplay in the lobby before the game starts.

download 9


Game settings in Among us

If you are unable to find the match settings in the among us game then you are at the right place. Here we are going to tell you all about it. How to change the settings and how to set the optimal settings for a better experience.

You can change the match settings among us only if you are the host of the lobby. The settings in the among us game can only be changed when the game hasn’t been started and you are in the lobby.

The method to change the settings are –

Navigate your character to the laptop that is there in the lobby where you change your skins, pets, colors, and hat. When you are at it, tap on the customize button, and There if you are the host of the lobby you will see another tab which is named Game.

download 10

download 11

Move towards the laptop → Customize → Game

You can either select the recommended settings button or you can customize your own.

Setting Recommendations in Among us Apk-

(and their analysis with implications)

  • MAP

In whatever you are comfortable. The first map is generally a good place to start if you are a beginner.

  • # Imposters

The number of imposters should be higher if the players are more. 1 imposter can be there in 5 players, 2 imposters if you are 8-10, and 3 if you are 10. The more imposters are there and fewer players the more chances of imposters winning are there and the game is also fast-paced and ends early.

  • Confirm Ejects

Uncheck this box only if you are an experienced player. Since you would not know if you actually ejected an imposter or a crewmate. It affects the gameplay as the imposters can roam undetected till the last if they are not correctly voted out.

  • # Emergency Meetings

This setting allows setting the number of meetings PER PLAYERS. So it’s recommended to set it to 1 or 2. You can set it to more if you like a discussion. More emergency meetings slow the pace of the game.

  • Emergency Cooldown

This should be set to about 10 seconds at least so that other players don’t miss using it. This should always be lesser than the kill cooldown time.

  • Discussion Time

30 seconds is the recommended time to discuss who may be the imposter. You can increase it if you like talking and would want people to keep their heads in the game. However, a much longer time can make the game’s pace slower as even if the imposter is found out you would have to wait before you can vote.

  • Voting Time

This should always be greater than discussion time. This allows the players to think before they vote or skip. If everyone votes the countdown automatically declines so the better way to do it is to balance out the time between discussion time and the voting time. Keeping less voting time among us gives you very little chance and the Among us Apk becomes random and less fun.

  • Player Speed

This should be 1.25x or 1.50x and more in larger maps. This should not be high if the kill cooldown is also high as the imposter will be caught very early and the dead body reporting time will decrease.

  • Crewmate Vision

This should be around 1.25x so that they can see around them and report a dead body. This is the optimum setting as it will benefit both the imposter and the crewmate. Larger torch vision on their mate sees more area which may not always be the good thing paranoia leads to bad decisions!

  • Imposter Vision

This should be higher than the crewmate’s vision to make the game more fun for everyone. If you want to increase the level of the game you can increase it further.

  • Kill Cooldown

It should be around 15 seconds or 20 in the short maps and more in the larger maps. This makes the game fun and more hard for the imposter if the value is high as the dead body will be discovered faster than he can kill again.

  • Kill Distance

You want to keep the distance short so that the players can run away and have a chance to escape. You can keep the distance to medium if the player’s speed is high, the map is small and the imposter vision is less.

  • Visual Tasks

This makes the task visually appear to other players. This can be used to prove your innocence as the other players may see that you’re actually performing the task. Always set this to at least 1 so that you can prove your innocence.

  • Tasks (long, short, common)

It is advisable to keep at least 1 long, 1 common, and 2 short tasks. Having a short task makes the beginning of the Among us Apk more fun and then they can do the long task. To build up paranoia from the start you can turn off the short and turn on the long tasks.


Important things to remember while playing among us game

  • You can’t change the server on the public lobbies screen. You would have to go back and then select the small icon on the bottom right to change a server.
  • The host can kick any player out of the lobby so don’t create unnecessary nuisance in the lobby and try to keep it civil. IT’S JUST A GAME!
  • You may sometimes not be able to find a lobby and it says room doesn’t exist in Among Us. There can only be 2 possible reasons – either the code is incorrect or the servers are having a temporary issue and you may ask the other person to host again. This is a known problem.
  • Among Us and the developers are working to fix it soon.

Maps on Among us

There are currently three maps on the among us apk.

We have specially curated these wholesome images of the whole map just for you. Have a look at it, maybe save it or bookmark it. You can learn all the areas and the 0places you can hide as an imposter. There, You can analyze the vents and the places you can go from there. And lastly, You can also see how as a crewmate you can best the imposter and save yourself

By looking at the map you will be able to navigate to different places easily and also save yourself in the discussion.



This is the first and the smallest map in the Among us Apk. It is also used by default if you don’t change it from the game.

skeld map


It is the smallest map in the game.



It is the largest map in the game



How to close the doors in Among Us ? [How to sabotage]

You can easily close the door in the game among us if you are the imposter. Just press the sabotage button on the bottom right of the screen. There you will see a map of the areas at a glance. You can tap on any area with the red cross on the button and there the doors will close for a short duration. If the area is not marked with the red cross you can tap on that button to sabotage the ship and damage the parts of that area.

After you close doors or sabotage the crew you will have to wait for some time to be able to do it again.

b61b83f8 screenshot 181


All error codes and error messages explained

If the error is not listed, just drop your problem in the comment below and we will solve your query ASAP.

The game you tried to join is full. Check with the host to see if you can join the next round

This could mean that the lobby you want to join is already full of players. You can either ask the host to make room for one by kicking someone out of the lobby. Or you can also retry joining again or simply join another lobby.

maxresdefault 27

The game you tried to join already started. Check with the host to see if you can join the next round

This would mean that the host of the lobby has started the game. You can wait until that match is over or you can join another lobby that is still open and the game hasn’t started yet.


You disconnected from the server. Reliable packet 1 (size=#) was not ack’d after #ms

This would mean that the servers are busy or it is peak time where the servers aren’t able to handle the huge traffic. You can try changing the servers(more on this later in the post) or you can retry again and again.

This error could also mean that you have an old version of the app and you should update the app from the google play store.


You disconnected from the server. Could not send data as a SocketException occurred: Network is unreachable

This could mean that the network you are using is unstable. Just try to connect again or change your network to Wi-Fi or operator. This error occurs when the problem is at your ends like the network latency or speed.

maxresdefault 28

The Among Us matchmaker is full. Please try again in a few minutes!

This would mean that the servers are under a heavy load and you should wait a few seconds before trying again. This is the server’s problem and mostly happens at peak times. You can try changing the servers or retry again and again until you can enter the lobby.


You disconnected from the server. Sent #X pings that remote has not responded to

This would mean that you have an unstable internet connection and the packets that your device is sending to the server are missing. This could also mean that the servers have an issue and you should try again to enter the lobby of Among us.


Forcibly disconnected because: ReliablePacketWithoutResponse –

This could mean that the servers are under heavy load and are unable to respond to your request or the internet connection that you have a high ping. Try again or change your network to solve this problem.

maxresdefault 29

If there are other types of errors not listed here. The best solution is to take it to Reddit as other people may have experienced the same error or problem and you will get to the solutions easily.


Latest Among Us Tips and Tricks

Don’t give in to paranoia and think with a calm mind before making any rash decision or else you may be voted out.

  • As a crewmate do your tasks and try to complete them as soon as possible. Also, ask all others to complete their task which may give a chance of winning. As ghosts can see your chats ask them to complete the task to help you win.
  • Always run to fix the sabotage as there is a countdown timer and you will lose as a cremate. Conversely, there is a good chance more people will be there to complete one task and you can kill there if you are the imposter without anyone knowing.
  • Always look busy as a man with a mission! If you wander around mindlessly someone can see you as a sus.
  • Don’t forget to reply and vote in the chat as it makes you a suspect or ‘sus’.Use it to your advantage to influence others.
  • Use the sabotage for killing the lights which would help you in killing quickly.
  • If there is more than one imposter use it to your advantage and help each other out. In the case of an emergency, you can also frame it on another imposter if he doesn’t give you out.
  • Move-in groups or queues if you are a cremate and avoid getting killed so don’t move in isolation. Also, keep a watch on other players’ tasks and report them if you find them really suspicious. Long tasks require more time to complete so if a person completed the tasks in 1 sec then he may be the imposter.
  • Look for people doing common tasks. Common tasks are the ones that everyone has to do, if you find someone doing a common task which you don’t have then he is the imposter.

How to Win in Among US Apk

Here we are going to share with you the latest tips and strategies to win in the Among Us game both for the imposter and the Crewmate. This can be used as either an Among Us winning guide or Among Us Tips and Tricks to play the game better.

Use Freeplay mode

Use Freeplay mode to get yourself familiarized with the map and the task in the game. Also, remember the names of the area you have been in. this would help you in defending yourself and prove your innocence [ even if you are not ;)].

Lie convincingly

Lie convincingly if you are the imposter and recount the tasks that you have done to prove your innocence.

Never kill anyone in front of cams.

Never kill anyone in front of cams. If the person is watching you with cams you can see the camera light is lit red. You can also use the cams constructively to remain with a cremate and disguise as a crewmate.

use the vents

Use the vents carefully as if you are jumping from here and there, no one should be watching you use the vents as only the imposter can use the vents.

save one visual task till the end

Use visual tasks for proving your innocence if you are not the imposter. And do not pose ever doing visual tasks if you are positive as people can see whether you are actually doing the tasks or not. Also, try to save one visual task till the end.

shut the doors

Use the capability for shutting the doors to your advantage. If you know that the majority of the players are in one area then shut the doors there and secretly kill the player and move on to the hallway or other areas it takes some time to open the door.

kill someone in the crowd

The best way to kill someone is in the crowd. Go where there are more than 2 players and then kill the player and either report or don’t. No one would be able to see you killing if all the three players were at the same spot!

Frame the other imposter

Frame others or the other imposter to save yourself.

How to change server in among us

After you tap on the ONLINE button you will be directed to the next page of the screen where you can see the HOST, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE headers.
There you can tap on the rightmost corner in the bottom to select the server in which you want to play.
We suggest you choose the server which is closer to you the most location-wise as it will affect your ping/Latency and reduce LAG in the movement of the players during the game.


How to create a lobby Among us Apk?

If you want to host your own lobby among us then follow the simple procedure –
Select the ONLINE button and select HOST to create a lobby. You can select the MAP and number of IMPOSTERS before creating a lobby as a host. You can also make the room private or public by tapping on the red or green button.
download 18among us mod apk

How to install Among us mod Apk on Android?

Just follow the process below and you will be good to go –
Click on the download button and to start your download from the website.
You have to check the allowed installation of applications from unknown sources from settings. To do this, go to the settings of your phone and search for unknown sources.
Once you are there check the box for “Unknown Sources”
unknown sources en
Open the notification bar and then tap on the apk file that you have just downloaded.
If you can’t find the notification, just go to the file manager of your phone and search for Among Us.
Click on the apk file and then tap on the install button.
Once the game is installed press done or open it to start playing the latest game right away.

How to check the latest version?

When you start the game, on the landing screen you can see the version of the among us on the top left corner of the screen. The ver is Formatted as V2020 x.xx

How to change server in among us?

After you tap on the ONLINE button, It will direct you to the next page of the screen, where you can see the HOST, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE headers.
There you can tap on the rightmost corner in the bottom to select the server in which you want to play.
We suggest you choose the server closer to you the most location-wise as it will affect your ping/Latency and reduce LAG in the movement of the players during the game.
images 2

What if you can’t find a lobby?

Since many people are playing this game now, the server may be having some problems due to the massive number of players at peak time trying to enter the game and play online. We suggest you have patience and see the possible solutions for the error you might receive.




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