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Is your android device getting slow and lacking? If yes then we can suggest you a powerful utility android app. This is called All-in-one Toolbox: Storage/Cache Cleaner, Booster. Read all its features in this article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About All in one Toolbox

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All in one Toolbox is a powerful android utility tool app. This app helps your android device to boost its working efficiency. Mobile devices are used widely now in today’s era. Every task from banking to calling and ticket booking is done with the help of smartphones. Even the working professionals used mobiles for their corporate work. Because of this reason, the number of applications is also increasing, and these all apps require high memory usage. That’s why some android devices which are having low specs start lacking and slow down. This is where the All one toolbox comes in handy and helps your android device to boost up its performance.

All in one Toolbox Apk works as a space cleaner and clears junk and cache files. Junk and cache files are produced by the applications as you use them and acquire your internal space. You can also use the ram cleaner of this app to free up the RAM. This way you can use multiple applications. This app also closes the background applications to decrease CPU usage. As high CPU usage causes the mobile to lack and slow down. When this app closes the background app your mobile battery consumption slows down. This way you can save battery power for important tasks.

Main features

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Powerful Cleaner

With this app, you can scan your mobile phone’s internal and external storage. After scanning your mobile you can view accurate usage of your mobile storage. When the scan completes you can clean your space memory with one tap. This app cleans cache files, junks files, and temporary files completely from your smartphone. This process improves the performance level of your device and also free up space for important documents.

Performance Booster

All in one Toolbox Apk automatically detects high ram usage and alerts about it. You can scan and analyze your ram usage, it needs you to clean your RAM. You can select the apps which you don’t want to close. After you tap on meaning this app will clean all the background apps that are acquiring memory. This process creates room for other important apps in RAM. Your phone performance also increases.

Cools CPU temperature

When you work with multiple applications the CPU usage increases. With the increased CPU usage the temperature of your mobile phone also increases. This temperature can harm the hardware of your phone. You will also get an alert about your increasing CPU temperature. You can cool your CPU down with just one tap. When the CPU cools its efficiency also increases and your phone performance level also increases.

Save Battery

All the advanced features of All in one Toolbox help in increasing the working efficiency of your phone. By clearing the unnecessary background processes you can increase the battery consumption of your phone. Increasing the number of applications in your phone can increase the battery consumption of your device. Then this app can help you to close all the background apps and lower the battery consumption for you.

Why use All in one Toolbox apk?

speed booster that increases the boot speed and phone performance.

All in one Toolbox has many useful features that can increase the working efficiency of your mobile. This app can scan your device’s internal and external storage for junk files. After the scan, you can clean all the cache and junk files in just one tap. You can also scan for background applications and clean all the unnecessary apps that are acquiring memory space. By cleaning your RAM you can boost up your device performance. And closed background applications that can also help you to save battery power.

Your battery consumption also decreases when you close unnecessary apps. Even this app itself has low battery consumption and it is very low in size. You can also check your system info with this app with one tap. If you need an excellent file manager then this app also comes with an in-built file manager.

Unique features

  • Works as a file manager and helps you manage multiple files easily.
  • This app has multiple language support like English, Hindi, Portuguese, Español, Russian, Japanese, and much more.
  • With this app, you can also use an easy switch which is a floating shortcut button.


 save your battery by using this app. use cpu cooler of all in one toolbox mod apk use file explorer of this app and easily access your media files.

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