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We had different fantasies regarding our careers when we were children. Some want to become astronauts, while some want to become pilots. If you are one of the kids who wanted to become an airline pilot but now work in some office jobs, then don’t worry. We can help you fulfill your dreams. Play the airline commander and roleplay the role of an airline pilot.

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collect licenses and increase fleet.

The simulator games are becoming very popular nowadays. In these types of games, you can become anyone. You can become a truck driver, engineer, astronaut, or even a big city mayor. If you like to play an airline pilot simulator and fulfill your childhood dreams, then play the airline commander. The airline commander apk is one of the most popular airline simulators available in smartphone gaming. In this game, you are the boss of an airline company. You don’t only can fly the airplanes but have to manage the working of the whole airline. Your goal is to become the most popular airline tycoon in the world.

You have to develop an entire enterprise from scratch. The game developers have paid much attention to making the game as realistic as possible. In addition to the existing airports, aircraft, busy times, weather conditions, flights and routes, the creators of the simulator implemented hundreds of legitimate sites. The whole game’s success depends on your flying skills and business management tactics.

Expand your airline fleet and collect as many airplanes as you can. You have also flown in realistic weather conditions with real-time traffic. In addition to the existing airports, aircraft, busy times, weather conditions, flights and routes, the creators of the simulator implemented hundreds of natural sites.

Features of the airline commander apk

The gameplay

all flight control simulation.

The gameplay of the game is fantastic. The graphics and animations will give you the best airplane flying experience. You will start your career as a young airline pilot. You will get the experience of working for an airline company. Then as you start learning, you will also grow into a more prominent position in the airline. If you have skills, you can also become the commander of the airline company and have new and advanced planes in your fleet.

Acquire licenses.

You will require licenses and certificates to do many things in the game. You will need a permit to fly a plane and require specific credentials to open a new airline of your own. The more licenses you acquire, the greater your fleet will be.

New models of planes.

There are different models of planes. There are small, medium and large planes. Some will use in commerce, some for friends, and some are passenger planes. There are more than 30 models of airplanes. You can acquire all of them by collecting the licenses these require. The more planes you gain, your fleet and business will become more outstanding.

Pros and cons


  • The gameplay of the game looks realistic. The graphics and animations in the game are fantastic.
  • From flying the plane to managing the whole fleet. The game lets you learn and do everything about an airline.
  • There are more than 30 flights in the game. Some airplanes can use to ferry passengers, and others will be used to carry frights.
  • The controls are easy to work with, and the interface is easy to navigate.

get promotion by acquring experience.


  • Sometimes you lose all ability to control a plane even after calibrating.
  • There are ads in the game. Sometimes these are frustrating and inhibit the gaming experience.
  • Some bugs are in the game, and some features are expensive to unlock.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and learn more about the game.


What are some similar simulator games like airline commander apk? 

Some popular simulators are the world of airports, accurate fight simulators, carrier landings, and flight pilot Simulators 3D.

How we can get the airline commander apk?

You can get the game from the google play store. You can also download the latest version of the apk from this site by following the steps above in the article.

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