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If you are tired of using Instagram with limitations then AeroInsta Apk is the best choice for you. There are some enhanced features that this app provides and normal versions of Instagram do not. Read this article to know all the benefits of AeroInsta.

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About Aeroinsta 

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AeroInsta is the perfect version of Instagram where you can do more than just browsing insta profiles. There are limitations that normal Instagram has, to protect the users’ privacy and personal info. But with these limitations, Instagram converts into a boring platform to use. And when you start using the AeroInsta Apk, you can do many more amazing things with your profile. The limitations that Instagram has made it very boring to use When you install this version of Instagram you can unlock some of the most features that you have ever thought of. Aeroinsta app download with features.

The best thing is that you can even prevent your data from being recorded by Instagram. You can enhance your privacy features and hide everything you want posts, comments, stories, and much more. Data cannot be stolen or seen by the users that you don’t want. Moreover, this app is also pretty simple and easy to use than the other insta apps. You can even play with the profile pics of others, download them or zoom their pic to see properly. See which user viewed your profile but does not start following you. There are lots of possibilities that you achieve by downloading this app. You can use the Instagram story download feature and you will get the latest updates and settings to use.

Main features

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With AeroInsta Apk you are the one who is at an advantage over the other users of Instagram. Because when you download this app and start using it, you have some of the most features of Instagram. Download anything you want reels, stories, statuses, uploaded videos from others, and much more. You will just have to click one time to download a video from Instagram. And not only the videos but photos, audios, and voice messages users can download by this app. Aeroinsta apk download.


More privacy options are introduced and these options are even more effective than the original ones. Hide whatever you want from any user. No one can know which posts are seen by you or what messages you have read. This ability can be acquired by using this app and you can hide all your daily functioning on the Instagram platform. This way no one can tell that you are continuously using Instagram or seeing and liking the posts.

Analytics prevention

Instagram uses the analytical feature to record and determine the users’ behavior of using Instagram. This way it can record the users’ likes and dislikes about Instagram. It’s a feedback recording system but with the AeroInsta you can prevent your data from being recorded by Instagram. This way you can prevent anyone from knowing your usage behavior. Your data will be more safe and untraceable.

Deep insights

You can gather deep information about other users with this app. Like you can know which users viewed your profile but didn’t follow you. This can work very well as a feedback recording system that can tell you to modify your account. If more users are viewing your profile but not following you that means you will need to add changes to your profile. With this app, you can also hide the posts you have already liked before.

Why AeroInsta?

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You can choose AeroInsta over Instagram due to the many amazing features this app has. You will get more enhanced privacy features that will allow you to completely hide your activities from others. No one can notice your behavior of using your Instagram profile. You will get to download everything you want from the profile pic to downloading the status videos. You can do everything. Customize the app with multiple themes available in different colors like red, blue, black, and many more.

And chat appearance can also be customized according to your usage. Get the insights about others seeing your profile but not following it. Improve profile appearance with the tips and hacks that this app provides. When you start the video to watch the sound will automatically start playing. You can hide comments, views and even posts from the users you don’t want.

Unique features

There are many unique features of AeroInsta Apk but the most major ones are –

  1. Blocking ads is the most useful option and AeroInsta provides it.
  2. You can download, zoom and watch the profile pics of other users.
  3. Hide statuses that you have viewed.
  4. You can hide your typing status also
  5. Developer’s options can improve your user experience.
  6. Customize the app by modifying the chat appearances, and changing multiple themes.


  1. Easy to use with more enhanced features
  2. Download everything you want including profile pics, videos, statuses.
  3. Boosted privacy features that will prevent your usage behavior from being recorded.
  4. You can translate any type of comment into your preferred language.

Advanced features

  1. Ads are blocked
  2. Advanced features
  3. Lock the app with a pin, password, or fingerprint.

Other resources

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How to zoom Instagram profile pics?

  • Watch the video to learn how to zoom profile pic in Instagram:

Is AeroInsta safe to use?

  • AeroInsta is not only safe to use but it is also very fun to use

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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