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If you are an android user, you know ads, push-ups, and pop-up ads can be very frustrating. Don’t worry. You need an application that will detect these add-ons to have complete control of your device.

Use the Addons Detector Apk with a free donation package to detect these add-ons in your device application and remove it, whichever you don’t need. Learn more about the add-ons detector by reading the following article and downloading the app by clicking the download button on this page.

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About Addons Detector

identify apps with addons

Application software is of great help. Today we have every type of app on our smartphones for every type of work. These applications are beneficial, but many can be the source of your problems. Many applications ask and use different permission of your device, which you give them without a second thought. The application uses these permissions to use your device data to give your push notifications and pop-up ads. These ads not only are very frustrating but also slow your device.

Use add-ons detector Apk to identify their add-ons and uninstall and remove whichever apps hinder your usage. It has all tools you can use to find the push-up notification, pop-up, and icon ads. You can also get free from the unwanted notifications, which always fill your notification bar, and your important notifications get left out. Regular scans of other applications or your device scan will not detect these ads.

It also has the feature of a live scanner, which, if enabled, will give you a notification if they find any unwanted add-ons just when you installed or updated any app. Then you can remove or stop access according to your requirement. If you are looking for applications in your device which are hindering your device performance, this app will surely be the one you are looking for.

Features of Addon Detector Apk

tool tips in apps.

  • Help texts: If you are getting pop-up ads or any other icon ads on your device and don’t find any solution. Just use add-ons detector apk, which has helped texts features with all the solutions there. Read the help texts, and you have all information you require to solve your problem.
  • Notification monitor: When you didn’t find any spans by a simple scan. Enabling a notification monitor will help you find the spam notifications and any add-ons whenever any new application is installed or updated on your device.
  • Permission explorer: Applications use different permission you give without a second thought. You can use these permissions to track your device data and hinder your privacy. With permission explorer, you can list all the permissions different applications have in a single list. You can decide which application to do what permissions.
  • Shortcut monitor: It is disabled by default in all of the devices. With a shortcut monitor, you can detect all these shortcuts, which can also be responsible for your slow, lagging smartphone.
    Live scanner: you can use the live scanner to auto-scanning the updates and installation. It can detect all the add-ons, and you will decide what to do with them.

The good and the bad

all features in addons detector app.


  • Track whatever your application is using and doing. Keep your device’s performance in your hand.
  • Provides lots of information on how to use the application for the newcomers, which makes accessing the application relatively easy.
  • Gives you all the information about the applications installed on your device. this app can also detect many hidden and shady apps easily
  • Provides what to do in simple language. It tells you what to worry about and what not to worry about. So it is not rocket science to understand the application
  • No need for an internet connection to use the app. So, it is fast and straightforward to use. Doesn’t lag.


  • App add-on information is somewhat vague and is hard to understand.
  • Many users encounter crashes while scanning system applications.
  • Not provide 100% surety of finding malware. Many malware remains undetected and hidden, which can be the reason for your device’s underperformance.
  • It shows ads which is not so much but can be frustrating if other functions don’t work.

Important links

see dates when apps accessed permissions in addons detector.

  • Download link of the addons detector from the google play store.
  • Official website of addon detector, you can also download the app from their official site.

FAQs about Addons Detector

installed apps with dates.

Who is the developer?

The developer of the add-ons detector is the “depends.” They are famous for developing mobile utility applications.

What are the alternatives?

There are many alternative applications that you can find in the google play store. Some are 3C all in one tool, compass plugin, developer assistant, etc.

How to download the application?

You can download the app from the download link of the google play store given above, or you can download it from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button at the bottom of the article.

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