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use adaway with root to block all ads from your phone.

Adaway apk

Sometimes these online ads irritate us very much, and we have our time to skip them. Don’t you agree? If so, don’t worry; we have the perfect solution in the form of the fantastic app “Adaway Apk.”

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About Adaway app

adaway mod apk ad removal android

It is the most powerful ad blocker, saving you from irritating online ads. Every website presents these ads, and you have to wait sometimes to skip them. This whole process of ads shown to us and skipping them is very annoying.

They generally occur in a pop-up view or a small window. And if you click them even by mistake, then the hyperlinks of these ads will take you to other useless sites. This whole process wastes our time and delays our work.

So, if you want to prevent these ads from emerging again, download the Adaway apk (Latest Verison). And not only do these ads irritate us, but most of the ads are very dangerous and can contain malware at any time. And they can even steal our personal information as soon as we click them.

This way, ad-blocking apps secure our data and prevent it from being stolen. And you also save your internet data which is limited for daily use. When you open any site, you mostly waste your data in opening these ads. And this way, you waste your daily internet data up to the limit.

You can download the apk of this app quickly, and in which no root or root is required to use. You can get most of the information on F droid also. And enjoy on unrooted phones and rooted ones as well.

Highlighted features

it is an open source ad blocker for android

Powerful ad blocking

You will love this app when you use it yourself, as it has the most powerful ad blocking. This app uses the advanced features of using the hosts’ files to block the ads and shows you the hosts lists, and you can choose the best hosts. This app has no limit to blocking the ads, and you can easily apply the settings.

No advanced configuration is needed for this app to work. And if you want to support any community or website, you can allow the ads. But the YouTube ads are difficult to block. It works for every app like chrome, android, Spotify AdAway, a very feature. Whitelists the apps of which you don’t want to block ads.

Lower’s data usage and battery consumption

use host file to block network level ads in android.

With this app, you can lower your data and battery consumption. This blocks the ads, which occur repeatedly, and as they emerge, they consume the data and battery more and more. So by blocking them all, you can save more data and lower battery usage. These ads, especially video ads, consume more battery and data than images.

Secure data and provide privacy

This app secures your data and provides more security to your mobile. This app prevents the ads from emerging again and again. And most of the ads are just spam and contain malware that can harm your device and steal your data. So this app helps you in the matter of security and privacy.

Smart UI

use latest sources to avoid ads on android device.

You will love the user interface of this app as it is more user-friendly and provides the best-animated effects. And not only the results but the useful features make this app smart. As you open the app’s homepage, you can see the quantity of the ads that this app has blocked. And also the allowed advertisements which you have allowed to view.

This app also has an automatic update option with the extremely famous dark theme mode. And as you create the adblocking rules, you can also save them by making the backup.


remove ads from games and apps.

How to use Adaway (tutorial)?

Watch the video to learn how to use adaway:

Adaway is not working. How to fix it?

Watch both the videos to learn.

  • for host file error:

  • for Android 10 users:

How to download the Adaway apk?

You can download the apk by following these points
You can download this app from our site popularapk.
Just open the site and search for this app.
Then click the download button to enjoy the game.
And if you want then you can download many other incredible games from our site

What are the best alternatives for the Adaway app?

The best alternatives are:
Adblock Plus

Adaway vs Adblock Plus which is best?

Visit this site for a detailed comparison.

Note: you can learn more about Adaway hosts files, blocking network-level ads, blocking ads from apps and games on the official site AdAway. It is an open-source app and is completely safe to use.

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