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 Our Mission:

Bring useful and relevant android apps to people’s attention by letting them evaluate the apps before they decide to spend. The team puts much-needed power in the hands of consumers to make an intelligent choice. It is done through well-researched, quality content, and highly relevant external resources.


Make users self-sufficient in decision making, in their buying journey of android apps.


What we do:

We bring to you the latest and popular android apps, how-to tutorials, android games, and more in the sphere of android OS free of cost.

You can find earning money apps, PC apps & tricks and android TV apps as well.

Every article we post is well researched in-house by the team. Our team consists of tech enthusiasts exploring new apps and always finding solutions to people’s problems.

We try to cover relevant and useful topics in our articles and try to provide as many quality resources so that the consumer can decide well what they want after they evaluate apps.

Why evaluate?

Since there are millions of apps in the play store and another million on the internet, it is very difficult for consumers to find the right one.

We let people evaluate the apps for free so that they can know what they are getting before investing their money and time. we save your money by letting you evaluate apps for a little longer before you buy and support developers. we save your time by researching and writing about the apps, how they work, tips and tricks, how-to guides, and also provide you with external relevant links.

This approach puts the power of decision-making in their own hands and saves them both time and money and potential scams/pitfalls too!

How do we differ? 

Popularapk team posts high-quality content which is relevant and up to date with comprehensive guides. we also allow direct downloading of the software. All of our content is well thought out, researched, and written by experts who believe they are doing their bit to help the consumers.

We provide all popular Apk, Guides, Smart TV apps, and more content free. We do not charge you anything.

In return, we only request you to buy the App/subscription from their original developers if you like what you use. This is to support them and so that they can continue supporting you.

We allow our users to try paid, subscribed, paywalled and freemium apps to evaluate for free so that they can make an informed decision before spending their valuable money.

Do you want to get to know more about our team? 

The PopularApk Team

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