Now You Can Upload High Quality Photos And Videos On Instagram

It’s frustrating that a masterpiece on which you have spent hours to click and edit will be uploaded in low and compressed quality on Instagram. Professional video or photography is not just a piece of cake, it takes tons of creativity and imaginative skills to be a professional. And Instagram just wastes your hard work and all the efforts of making the photo or video amazing during a few seconds of uploading and compressing.

Instagram’s official android app is designed to lower the resolution and image quality of any video or photo while uploading. This feature is not optional, it forces all media contents to compress. And the most curious thing is that the same official app of Instagram built for IOS does not lower the quality of images and videos. What is this messed up situation we do not know and nor does the company has made any comment on this discrimination between IOS and Android smartphone users.

instander app with ghost mode and high quality image uploading

How To Upload High-Quality Images, Videos, or Reels On Instagram Using Android Smartphone:

It is very much possible for android users to upload images and videos up to the finest quality on Instagram without being decompressed. You just need to download an unofficial app named Instander, an advanced version of Instagram which lets you unlock all the locked features of the original app. This app has many stunning features including an ad-free experience, ghost mode, high-quality content uploading, and much more that you cannot use on official apps.

What More Does Instander Offer?

  • No ads in feeds and stories
  • Download videos and photos as much as you like from stories, IGTV, reels, etc.
  • Upload images and videos without compromising quality.
  • Be anonymous while viewing others’ messages, posts, and stories with Ghost mode.
instander original and clone for instagram

Your device’s android version should be 5.0 or above to run Instander. As this app is available in two versions ‘Clone’ and ‘Original’ you need to know the installation instructions. While installing ‘Original’ you will need to uninstall the official Instagram app and if you choose ‘Clone’ then it will work simultaneously with the official app.

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