Everything You Need To Know About 8 Ball Pool Game [In Brief]

If you want to know all about this table game then you landed on the right page. You will be told all about the 8 Ball Pool Game including features, fouls, tricks, etc. This game has aged almost 12 years as it was launched in October, 2010, but since then it has captured the mobile gaming market intensely and even now it has a separate fan base of millions. 8 Ball Pool is recognized as one of the best table games built for mobile gaming. With unique style gameplay this game needs two or four players using the cue sticks to score. Cue sticks are used by the players to hit the balls, there are 16 balls, out of which 15 object balls, one cue ball, and also 8 ball of black colour. With cue sticks players cannot hit the balls directly for this they use the cue ball to hit other balls and score. With the pool game coming online with 8 Ball Pool now fans of this game can play on their mobile at the comfort of their homes.

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Main Objective of Players In 8 Ball Pool

The main objective of players in this game is to score with a cue ball by sending all other balls in the pockets. The player who will manage to send the 8 numbered ball to the pocket will be the winner. There are many different modes this game has, either you can enjoy one on one, or you can have the best out of three or five. For more such game you can rely on Popularapk com.

About The Gameplay

  • Once the game starts you and your opponent will be provided chances one by one.
  • Whoever manages to pocket the balls will continue to take the chances and once the pocket streak is over the other player will get the chance.
  • To send the balls in pockets you will have to use a cue stick to hit the balls after determining the required force and direction.
  • There are many ways to hit the ball with a cue stick, if you are good enough you will be able to spin the ball and give it a unique direction by striking at edges.
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Fouls In 8 Ball Pool

  • See there will be two types of balls either you will get the balls having stripes or solid and vice versa. So, you cannot hit the opponents ball, meaning if you are assigned the balls with stripes you cannot hit the solid ones and the same goes for your opponent.
  • Also you cannot pocket your opponents balls, it is obvious as you are not even allowed to hit as mentioned in the first point.
  • You cannot pocket the cue ball of course as it is for hitting other balls only
  • The Cue ball has to touch the ball that you desired to hit at first, if it doesn’t then its a foul as well.

Trick And Tips I Can Share About 8 Ball Pool

  • Take the first hit well and spread the ball widely across the table.
  • Every hit should be calculated and accurate.
  • Always forecast for yourself where the cue ball will move to after hit.
  • Use spins at tricky situations.
  • Control your power while taking the shot.
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