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Want to be fit or build muscle but don’t have proper knowledge about it. Than 75 Hard mod apk is the best and premium option for you. That helps you with tracking your nutrition and workout plans. Its unique feature helps you in achieving your goals.



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75 Hard is the premium application that helps you to keep motivated to achieve your fitness and health goals. 75 Hard Mod will help you to be positive. It is a perfect guide for people who have fitness-related goals and this application is designed for both men and women the age of 18 to 75 years old. so it is operated.

People have different concerns about diet and workout plans. Some people have to lose weight and some have to gain muscles. This application provides you a diet plan which will be suitable for your body type. a full-body exercise that includes arms, chest, legs, back, shoulders, and abs. and recommend you accordingly your calorie surplus or calorie deficit.

Not only this application helps with your physical training but with your mental training as well. 75 Hard Mod Apk has a meditation program that helps in, your daily work records, and it tells you how you can improve them. And with animation and video tutoring the right form and posture, this app becomes more effective and influential. It works on both android and iOS and easily connects to your wearable device integration. And display your day-to-day health data to your smartphones.


Main features

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Customize plans

This application provides you with a personal workout plan and customize diet plan according to your body structure and desired target. and take care of your recoveries too. So you get better every day.

Attractive quotes

75 Hard Mod Apk app is loaded with thousands of motivational quotation that keeps you motivated to achieve your target. every day get a fresh quote to inspire and motivate you.

Calory tracker

This is a unique feature that looks over your every calorie intake and modifies your next workout plan accordingly. and this helps you to eat your favorite dishes and keep track of them and get your next workout plan in consonance with that.

User personalization

This feature helps in collecting your personal data like height, weight, age. and customize the diet plan and workout routine that is best suitable for you. and even set your daily workout time and notify you.

Video tutorial

This feature helps you to perform a particular exercise in proper posture and proper form so it benefits you perfectly and avoid unnecessary injury. And make your workout more effective and fun. 75 Hard Mod Apk also has an audio program that gives you suggestions while workout.


Unique Features

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Goal setting– Every person has some different goal in their mind regarding their body and health and this app helps you to set up your desired traits. Which could be weight loss or muscle gain etc.

Tracking Matric – This helps you to track all of your physical exercises like; running, walking, workout which consumes calories, and displays on the smartphone in numeric form so that can be easily calculated and analyzed.

Push notification – This will help to know your achievements for example when you some amount of steps in a day or burn a particular amount of calories in a day. Or alert you when you will miss your workout. And act as your personal guide.

Sleep tracker– This feature will help you by tracking your sleep pattern e.g. how much you are getting deep sleep and light sleep and provide solutions according to that. It will help you get better sleep and take care of your every recovery.


Why use 75hard mod apk?

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This fitness application is the most unique and awesome application among other fitness applications as 75hardmodapk provides you with customized diet and workout plans according to your body structure and your set goal. It is easy to use application that can be used by people of every age group. This acts as your personal guide.

Not only a physical workout but also it helps you to improve your mental toughness. It has thousands of motivational quotes which you motivated all over until you’ve reached your set goal. This application will provide you with exercises for bodybuilding, fat loss, muscle maintenance, etc. it also keeps track of your nutrition and sleeping pattern, accordingly provides you with a suitable solution.

Animation or video tutoring makes it more fun and effective by which you can easily learn new exercises with perfect form and posture. This application can easily be installed on both android and iOS mobiles.


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  • Calorie tracker
  • Personalized workout program
  • Maintain your daily training matric
  • Set your own goals
  • Mental toughness program

Minor Glitches

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  • Requires set amount of internet speed.
  • Photo uploading issues.
  • Slow restarting of the app.
  • Sometimes it skips track of matric data.

Mod feature

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  • unlimited access
  • Paid app for free
  • Already subscribed


Other resources

easily track progress with the app.

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  2. Official site link
  3. Facebook link
  4. Cosmopolitan article on what 75 hard challenge is.
  5. Apk information on Appgrooves.



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Positive thoughts for 75Hard mod apk

  1. Keeps your everyday workout on track and assured you never miss it.
  2. Easy to understand new exercises with correct posture and form of the body.
  3. Good audio-visual tutorials
  4. Convenient to use.
  5. Great workout program and diet suggestions.

Area of improvement for 75Hard mod apk

  1. Signing in problem
  2. Sometimes wasn’t load on android.
  3. Loading issues
  4. It won’t take photos directly from the app.
  5. Doesn’t have a screen sharing option.

Similar applications

  1. Cult.fit fitness
  3. Nike training club
  4. Fit tap champion


Mod status: Modded app not available. download link leads to official site. Will update link ASAP.

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