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7 Minute Workout Mod is one of the most excellent health and fitness applications available for android devices. With this app, the users can learn new exercises and ways to be healthy and fit. This app is specially designed for the players who want to be fit from fat, and want to do different types of exercises. This workout app is very popular and has millions of users all over the world that are using this app; to be fit and reduce their fats. 7 Minute Workout Mod has the most effective seven-minute workout routine that the users can follow easily.

If you want to get a flat stomach or want to make abs then this app is the best choice for you. This app has the best collection of workout exercises that proves very effective; in reducing fat and strengthening the abs muscles. The exercises are very easy and simple to understand with the 7 Minute Workout Mod, and the users can choose the intensity levels as per their stamina and limit.

The timing of the workout sessions is very short and all the exercises last till 30 seconds, but the effectiveness of these exercises are very excellent and give the best results in less time. But a diet has to be maintained for the exercises to affect the body. 


Main features of 7 Minute Workout Mod


Effective Workout Exercises

7 minute workout is fast fun and effective

This app has the most excellent collection of exercises for the users to perform the exercises without any doubt. These exercises are arranged in the workout sessions in a specific manner so that the best results are obtained. The users have to perform the exercises exactly as the app says to do with the same reps and time frame. Then only the users will get the best results from their hard work. 


Awesome Animations and  Easy Explanations

7 minute workout allows more exercises, smarter workours, watch it do it

This app provides its users the easy explanations for how to perform the exercises. So that they can easily understand and perform the exercises in the perfect manner. Because for the best results the users have to perform the exercises in the same effective manner as shown in the app. For a better understanding, this app provides the users the short animated explanations so that the users can follow them and learn the right posture to perform the exercises. 


In-built Instructors

7 minute workout allows jumping jacks, quick fit, get ready for a workout

7 Minute Workout Mod has an amazing feature

5s to motivate the users to perform their workout routines. And for motivation, this app has an In-built instructor. These animated instructors alert the users about their workout sessions and exercises to perform. And this feature is very effective as it never lets the users skip or miss their workout sessions. 


Workout calendar and Targets

you can set calender in 7 minute workout

With this app, the users can easily set their goals to be fit and perform their workout sessions according to the help of the calendar provided by this app. The users can set the workout goal and target date in the app to perform the exercises that can help them to achieve their goals. In the calendars, the users can also set their current weight and information to compare them afterward with the targeted goals.


Unique features of 7 Minute Workout Mod

with 7 minute workout you can do planks

7 Minute Workout Mod has many different types of unique features with high-quality animations and special effects. The users can perform all the hardcore and moderate level exercises easily. This app is designed with excellent features so that even beginners can perform the exercises easily. There are different types of workout sessions in this app like the full-body workout or fat loss workout or abs workout.

  • The users will get accurate data of their workout sessions and burned calories amounts.
  • So that the users can compare their workout intensity levels to improve them.
  • This app also provides audio clips which give the instructions to perform the exercises.
  • The best thing about the app is that the users can sync their workout data with google fit.
  • So they can measure their success rate and the intensity through which they are performing the exercises.
  • 7 Minute Workout Mod also provides some excellent articles about healthy facts and exercises for the users to update their knowledge about fitness.
  • This app is free to download and has a user-friendly interface.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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