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365Scores Apk introduction

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365Scores Apk is one of the most popular and amazing sports news watching and live score monitoring apps. With this app, the players will get to enjoy the live match scores of many different sports like cricket, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and many more.

This live score monitoring app is specially designed for users who love sports and want to be updated with every news and score of the matches. With 365 Scores the users will get easy and free notifications that will have all the information about the sports matches.

  • With this app, all sports lovers can be updated every time by the accurate information and services provided by this app.
  • The users can watch the real-time stats about the scores and news involving the sports activities.
  • Users of 365Scores Apk can even watch the list of upcoming matches with this app and with these features they cannot miss any match of their favorite sports.
  • This app will work as the personal scoreboard for the users of this app so that they will feel like they are watching the game in the stadium. 


Main features 

Team information

follow your favourite teams with live updates in your language.

With this app, the users will get all the accurate data about the team members and their playing positions. This way the users can follow their favorite team and their team players. All the information about the players playing positions; and their playing performance is shown with the help of this app.

So that the players will get a good idea about the players’ playing conditions and their roles. And with these features, the players will feel like they’re watching the games in the stadium only. 

Personal scoreboard 

see sports scores and statistics.

365Scores Apk is very amazing; even works as the user’s scoreboard that they can see at any time. The players have to just choose which game they have to follow for the time being; after they select the team they can easily watch their scores at any time; from anywhere they want.

This app provides accurate data of any sports match the players choose; its refresh time is also very fast and gives the latest info about the game. There are also some customization features for the players; which they can use to customize the scoreboard anytime. They can edit the fonts and the text size as well as the themes in this app.

International sports calendar

catch realtime scores.

Any competition or sports league match if it is organized then this app provides all its information. With this app, every user whether he or she is from any country in this world can get the sports info and match scores. As this app has millions of users all over the world this app provides the service to let its users follow all the sports matches from all over the world.

This app covers all the sports matches from different competitions and leagues from all over the world. Thus, this app benefits and provides all the features to all users worldwide. It has a multi-sports calendar which covers all the games like hockey, cricket, baseball, football, basketball, badminton and many more. 


Unique features of 365Scores Apk

365scores mod apk in different devices.

This game has many unique features with stunning graphics; and high-quality animated effects. 365Scores Apk has the best features when it comes to sports. It provides real-time data and consumes the minimum amount of internet data of the users. It works with internet connectivity, but it has data-saving features so it consumes only the necessary amount of data that is needed. The battery consumption of this app is very low; thus with the maximum performance, it consumes the minimum battery power.

365Scores is very size is also very lite and with all these features even the low specs devices can also run this app very smoothly. This app has many different themes and it also provides safety for the eyes as it also works in dark mode. With the dark mode, it looks very cool and amazing.

The data feeds and all the statistics are displayed with high-quality animated effects. This app has a user-friendly interface with smooth and easy controls and it is free to download and use, so enjoy every match with it. 


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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