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If you are a marketing professional and want a second phone number for your office or business purposes? Then we have got you a handy tool that will help flourish your business and will cost you nothing. To know more about this tool, read the following article. Download 2ndLine – US Phone Number by pressing the download button on this page.

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A second phone number is a must for your business purposes, which you can use to contact your clients and partners, and they can contact you with that. With the help of the 2ndline apk, you can call and text anyone in the USA and Canada for free. You can share your number and receive texts and calls from your clients and partners. All this feature that this application provides is for free. You require excellent wifi or a cellular connection, and you will get a new phone number for your personal or business usage.

As it provides its services for free, many people may have security or privacy concerns regarding this application. Don’t worry; the data like voice data or text messages it shares with your contacts are encrypted. It means only the sender and receiver can decrypt the data you send, no one in between. All your information is preserved from any third-party interference. The interface and usage it provides are clean and straightforward. You don’t have to think about unwanted pop-ups or frustrating ads in between. To make use of this app, you have to take the app’s version.

Though it is a free application, many features like calling and image messaging are available only for subscribers. You can use these features for free by downloading the 2ndline apk. You can also get some extra credits by inviting your customers to your websites. Getting a new phone number is full of hindrance and a lot of work. With this app, you can get an unlisted number for free. Use it anytime you want and change it instantly hassle-free.


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Get calls

With this app, you will get phone calls anywhere in US and Canada. Though it contains some limits on the time of calls, you can unlock it by using the apk . All the calls through this app are free of cost, and you require a good internet connection. The phone call the receiver receives is just like any other standard phone call where it will display your unique phone number.

Voice transcripts

App also provides the voice transcripts of the phone call you had the last time. The AI of the app recognises the voices and converts them into text format. These transcripts are of great use, as these may be useful in setting up any deals.


Starting up and using the app is very simple. The interface provides a lot of features and functions very conveniently. The app uses a simple layout and stark colour combination. You can change the theme of the app by toggling the dark or light mode.

Earn money

You can do free calls in US and Canada. To do the international phone calls for free. You have to add free reward points to your account. You can add them by completing some simple offers and tasks the app provides. It will add some free minutes to your profile. You can utilise these free minutes in international callings.

Pros and cons

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  • Free phone calls are provided
  • Users can also send texts and image messages for free.
  • No need to get any new sim card. The app provides a unique number to share with your clients, just like regular phone numbers.
  • You can also earn money by bringing traffic to your websites and by completing the offers in the app.


  • Only some of the app’s features are free, and many features like phone calls are only for subscribers.
  • There are also annoying ads for the free users. You have to download the 2nline apk.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app.
  • Watch the following tutorial video of the 2ndline apk:


Can others see my phone number on the app?

The app provides you with a new and unique phone number. Whenever you call someone with the app, they will receive the phone number just like any regular phone call?

How to download the 2ndline app?

Download the latest version app from the google play store by clicking on the link given above.
If you want to get the 2ndline apk download, follow the instructions given above in the article and enjoy the premium features for free.

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