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Is your phone storage getting full and your device is getting slow? If yes then we can find an easy solution for you. We can suggest to you the best android app which can solve your issue with one tap. This app is called 1Tap Cleaner apk. Read this article to know all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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1Tap Cleaner apk is the most powerful cleaning app for android devices. This app gives your mobiles the benefit to get free from all the junk files, cache files, browser data, and much more. It cleans your internal storage and frees up the necessary space that these files have acquired. This is not even a one-time problem, you will face them again and again. As long as you use a high amount of apps on your mobile your storage will be acquired by the cache, junk, browsing, and other temporary files. You cannot avoid using too many apps. Because every service has its application like telecom services, banking apps, browsers, a bunch of social media apps, accounting apps, and much more.

Here comes the 1Tap cleaner app which gives you the privilege to free up your internal space in one tap. This app is a combination of different cleaners. They work in a coordinated way to boost up your internal space. This process not only results in extra internal space but also boosts your phone performance level. You can also clean your device manually by selecting the section which you want to scan and clean. Include or exclude any app that you want to clean.


Main features

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Powerful cleaner

This app is a combination of multiple cleaners, they will in a coordinated way to clean up your device. The main cleaners that are involved in this app are cache cleaner, default cleaner, and Sd cleaner.

  • Cache cleaner – here the cache cleaner helps you clear the application data like cache files and other data files that they generate while using.
  • Defaults cleaner – if you have selected any app by default for any specific task then cleaner helps and clears all default app settings.
  • SD cleaner – as the name sounds this type of cleaner helps you to clean up the junk files of Sd Card.

Automatic functions

You can also set automatic functions in this app. This app will work automatically at a specific time that you will set. You give the command to this app to clear cache files, default apps, and sd card junk files automatically. There are specific intervals that you set for this app to work accordingly. These settings will set you free and you don’t have to clean up your device manually every time.

Include or exclude apps

By using this app you get to use the option of whether to include or exclude any app. Most apps do not provide the chance to exclude any app or process while they clean the phone. But with this app, you can exclude any applications from being cleaned if you want. This app also works with system apps and downloaded apps. So you will get the complete package of cleaners that will boost up your device performance.

Boost performance level

By using this app you are not only cleaning the device for free space. But this app also boosts the performance level of every app and its device. These junk files and data of apps acquired the important space of your phone. So it starts lagging, until you clear your phone storage you never feel the fast performance of your app which decreases with the usage.


Why use 1Tap Cleaner Apk?

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You can use this app as it is a very crucial utility tool that should be installed on every smartphone. This app is the best cleaning application for android devices. You can use this app to clean cache files, browsing data, default settings, and SD card junk files. With one tap this app can perform all four functions in one go. You can view and edit the app list which is going to be cleaned. If you want to exclude any app from being cleaned then this gives the option to do so. You set high priority notifications in this app to alert you if any app has a large cache size that is specified by you. View details all every app on a single page and uninstall any app that you don’t want in your phone directly with this app.

Unique features

  • All the cleaners work with just one tap. No complex process.
  • You can see the list of apps that will be cleaned.
  • High priority notifications system if the app uses large size cache files.
  • See the details of the application page and uninstall any application you want.
  • Sort applications list by their cache size, storage size, name, and much more.

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